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starsSimulator Instructor

Simulator Instructor
  • room Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
  • group Position: Simulator Instructor
  • play_for_work Job Type: Flight Instructor
Flight Time Requirements Snapshot
  • access_time Total Flight Time: N/A
  • person Pilot In Command: N/A
  • toll Turbine PIC: N/A
  • airplanemode_activeMulti Engine: N/A
  • queue_music Actual Instrument: N/A
Job Description

Assist in the development of courseware, training modules, lesson plans, associated graphics and training aids.
Ensure course content meets regulatory requirements. Coordinate with management, instructors and check airmen to ensure standardization.
Prepare and maintain accurate, error-free training records and documentation.Ensure simulators and other training facilities are in a clean, neat condition.
Continuously review Company, industry, government and related publications to keep current on methods, procedures, policies and regulations.
Maintain current manuals and publications.
Effectively lead pilots through training with respect and a customer service attitude.
Can involve long periods of sitting.
Work in a typical office environment and in full-motion flight simulators.
Occasional teaching activity around aircraft equipment in hangars or outdoors on airport ramp which may be hazardous and noisy.
Other duties as assigned. ... Continue Reading

Minimum Requirements

Bachelor’s degree or a combination of education and related experienceAirline Transport Pilot (ATP) License
1 year of experience as PIC or SIC in part 121 Air Carrier Turbojet OperationsReliable and self-motivated
Analytical, interpretive and organizational skills
Ability to multi task efficiently and effectively to meet deadlines
Interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills and able to work with all levels of an organization
PC proficient in Microsoft Office software, specifically Word, Excel, Outlook and Powerpoint
Knowledge of the contents of FAR Parts 61, 91, and 121CL65 type rating preferred
2 years of experience as PIC or SIC in a part 121 Air Carrier preferred
2 years of experience as a Part 121 Flight Training Instructor preferred
Ability to work shifts as scheduled as well as additional hours including evenings, weekends and holidays
Position requires some physical exertion such as pulling, pushing, reaching, bending, standing, walking and light lifting of boxes, bags, files, etc. not in excess of 30 lbs.
Limited travel and extended hotel stay. ... Continue Reading

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