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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I register as a pilot?

By registering as a pilot on the website, you gain instant access to a large variety of job details that is not viewable to non-registered visitors. If you are not registered, you can view job descriptions, locations, aircraft type, and other details, but the company name and links to apply to the job are hidden. If you register, these features become visible to you. It is free to register, and you greatly enhance your visitor experience by registering.

How often are jobs added to

While it depends on the current pilot employment climate, typically several new jobs are added to the website each day.

If I register as a pilot, will my profile be publicly viewable?

No. You will have complete control over what can or cannot be seen publicly. Registration is free, and it allows much greater use of the site.

How accurate are the job listings?

We strive to provide accurate pilot job listings, but with such a large database of pilot job vacancies, it is simply impossible to guarantee 100% accuracy. It is your responsibility to interpret the data that is presented to you. If you find an error or something that we should be aware of, please let us know by clicking the following icon:

What can I view on PilotJobs for free?

If you do not register for, you can view restricted job listing details. But, if you register, which is also free, a lot of important information will be displayed that is not displayed to unregistered viewers. For example, if you are not logged in, you will not see the company contact information for the jobs on this site.

What do I get with a FREE membership?

To register for a free membership, simply signup (valid email, username, and pass). Make sure you signup as a pilot, not an employer.
When you complete the free signup process, you will be able to fully access all of the information for each pilot job listing. You will also get weekly updates of any new jobs we have added that week. If a job listing includes application instructions, that information will be viewable, as well.

Why should I consider being a GOLD member on

Gold members enjoy much greater job details than free members. They can more easily search for jobs on the PilotJobs website.
If you are on the website with the goal of having an employer find you and hire you, it is to your advantage to become a Gold member. Becoming a Gold member on PilotJobs is very affordable, and many employers associate Gold members with those who are serious about attaining pilot employment.

What are job leads?

Job leads are jobs that you as a pilot have found out about, that you think we should list on the website. For example, if you find out a bout a flight instructor job that is not on our site, you can submit a job lead with details about the job, and we can add it to our website.

I forgot my password.

If you can't remember your password visit the following link and we will send you an email with your password:

How can I cancel my account?

Canceling your account is easy to do. Simply go to:
On that page, provide your username and password in the form provided. From there you will be able to cancel your account so your credit card is not charged in the future.

Does PilotJobs provide help with users trying to apply for a specific job?

We do not. PilotJobs allows employers to list there jobs on our website, but we do not control how those employers request applicants to apply for a pilot position. Therefore, we cannot help you apply for the specific job. It is up to you to read through the information that the employer provides so you know how to apply for a given position.

How much does a Gold membership cost?

$14.95 every 30 days (billed until you decide to cancel)
$39.95 every 90 days (billed until you decide to cancel)