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About Us

Who are we?

We are pilots who love solving problems with creative technology. was started by actual pilots who have been through the very issues that pilots searching for jobs today are facing.
Here is our story.

The problem for pilots

When we began our aviation careers, we each encountered a big challenge. It was just the beginning of the .com revolution, the potential of the web was not yet realized by many industries. Searching for a job in the aviation world consisted of hearing about opportunities via word-of-mouth, paying for content that was largely outdated, and contacting employers via crude and slow methods that were inefficient. Then the web grew.
Even as more and more businesses were getting online, job search sites still lacked quality in what would be a really useful tools for pilots to find jobs and employers to list them. In essence, every site on the web lacked something that every pilot searching for a pilot job wants.
What was missing? It's simple really. Pilots want to quickly be able to search for and apply to active pilot jobs that they qualify for and want. Manually sorting through hundreds of mediocre jobs in order find one with the potential to be worth applying to is not something pilots enjoy. Weeding through jobs that you don't qualify for is horribly inefficient.

The problem for employers

Pilots are not the only ones facing problems with an aviation job search. Employers searching for pilots have an extremely tough job, as well. Employers face the difficult challenge of quickly finding the best, qualified pilots that would be a good match for their company, and who actually want to work for them. There are two big obstacles that employers face when searching for pilots for their vacancies. The first is: Where to find a large number of pilots that are actively searching for jobs. The second: Getting them to apply for the job being offered.

Why we created

We knew there had to be a much better way to make the process of finding a job better for pilots and advertising a job better for employers. We also knew the internet would be the medium to make that happen. But while we wanted to create a business that solved these issues, we also wanted to avoid pilots having to pay for content they did not need. Essentially we wanted to create more than a website - we wanted to build something our users would enjoy using and save them time while finding their next job or dream job.

How solves the problems for pilots and employers

Search and content. Those are the cornerstones of A site that is easy to search, but doesn't have a lot of jobs is useless. But also, having a website with thousands of jobs doesn't do anyone a lot of good if it is cumbersome to search for the jobs that you want. Both a great search experience and a lot of jobs being continuously added to the website are needed to have an effective pilot job website.

Our commitment will never be finished. We will continue to evolve, grow, and adapt to the ever changing demands that you, as a user, desire. Currently, we are focusing on making the easiest way to search and find the right job for its 50000 registered users, while at the same time making it easy for the 1000 employers that use us to list jobs and find pilots, quickly.
This is an enormous challenge, but it is one we are passionate about, and we are committed to keeping the ability to discover the right job fast and free for all pilots. So at this point, we invite you to try it out for yourself. There is a search form just to the right. Try it for yourself, and see how will make it much easier for you to find pilot jobs going forward.

Mike caught the aviation bug at an early age. All he wanted to do was fly! On his 16th birthday he got a surprise flight lesson from his parents and he was on his way. Working summer jobs, saving a bunch and with some help from his parents he got his private pilot license. He completed the rest of his flight training at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. After graduating he started working for Continental Express (now ExpressJet). He flew the ATR and Embraer 145 as a first officer. After putting in almost 10 years there he decided to pursue other interests (mostly online) and hung up his pilot uniform. Now his days consist of being a dad and working on great websites like

When his father let his eight-year-old son, Adam, tag along on a flight lesson with him and his flight instructor in the late 1970's, it became an experience that Adam would never forget. Adam loved the experience so much, he decided to pursue aviation after high school. After earning his CFI, CFII, and MEI, Adam taught for eight years while studying aerospace engineering at Virginia Tech.
His father never finished his private pilot's license, but in 1995, three years before his father would pass away, Adam returned the favor by taking him for an airplane ride. It was an experience the two of them treasured until his father passed on in 1998.
Today, Adam is still flying, and is a Captain with a large regional airline. He divides his time between flying, running online businesses, and raising a family.