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Employer Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get approved as an employer?

After you sign up for as an employer, you will be asked to provide information about your company. Essentially we just want to know an approximate number of pilots you expect to hire in the near future, and type of flying those pilots might be doing. This helps us to approve your new account. To expedite the approval process, use an email from the domain of your website. Emails from hotmail, Yahoo, and Gmail take longer to approve because they do not inherently show that you have a website associated with your business. For example, takes longer to approve than

What types of jobs can I list as an employer?

Only pilot jobs may be listed. does not offer job listings for other aviation employment like mechanics, flight attendants, or engineers. We do allow just about any type of flying job to be listed. You can list jobs in airplanes, helicopters, blimps, etc. Those jobs can be full time or part time. They can be contract or permanent. You have a lot of flexibly in the jobs that you list, but they must be pilot jobs.

What are the big "No-nos" when listing a pilot job?

First, the jobs you list must be pilot jobs. They cannot be other types of jobs. Only jobs for the flying of some type of aircraft are allowed. Also, in the description fields, we ask that you refrain from listing your company name. We have a field for you to list you company name, and you should put your company name only in the field which asks for it. The reason for this is we need to have people signup for the site. When pilots sign up for free, they can see your company name. Pilots are able to see the description field without signing up, so it leads to pilots not signing up in the first place. This hurts everyone because without the pilot signing up, there is now way for you to be able to search that pilot via their credentials.

What can make my pilot job listings stand out better?

Keep you postings clear and accurate. Don't be overly wordy in your descriptions of the job you are offering, but certainly but be clear. Also make sure you enter the applicable flight times, the job type, and the location in their respective fields because pilots are able to search for the jobs they wish to apply to via flight times, job types, and location.

How long do jobs I post stay active?

You set the duration of your posting. When it expires, the job is deactivated. You can renew you job postings at any time. If a job is deactivated, it may still show in Google, but it will display text that indicates the job is not active anymore. This prevents pilots from applying to jobs that are not open anymore, but it helps brand your company so you are likely to get more interested pilots the next time you post a job.

What are the biggest benefits of posting a pilot job on

PilotJobs reaches tens of thousands of pilots that may be interested in your job. We send out an email every week with the latest job postings on it, so you are dramatically increasing your odds of finding qualified pilots.

PilotJobs is free for you to list jobs. Pilots can also see your job listings with a free account, so the number of pilots who are able to find your job listing is very high.

Entering a job and reaching thousands or tens-of-thousands of pilots only take a few minutes to do. The form for a new listing is very straightforward, and the instant you list your vacant pilot job listing, you will greatly expedite your search for qualified pilots.

Do pilots apply for jobs via PilotJobs?

No. When you list a job, one of the bits of information you will provide is how to apply for the job you are posting. This allows PilotJobs to be compatible with any employer.

Is there any limit to the number of jobs I can list?

No. You can list as many as you wish. We encourage you to break up listings into ones that are not covering more than one type of pilot. For example, assume you are hiring both Captains and First Officers to fly an aircraft that you operate. It would be best to break that into two separate job listings because they have different skills and salaries associated with them. It also make it much easier for pilots to search and find the jobs they are qualified for.

If my job list expires, should I redo it or renew it?

Renew it. This saves a lot of time on your end. You can edit details with a job you renew if you wish. For example, if you had a listing for a job flying a 747 that required 1000 hours in type, then you decide to change the minimums to 800 hours in type, you can do that when you renew. You do not need to re-list the job.