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starsFirst Officer

First Officer
  • room Location: Orlando, Florida, United States
  • group Position: First Officer
  • play_for_work Job Type: Charter
Flight Time Requirements Snapshot
  • access_time Total Flight Time: 3500
  • person Pilot In Command: 1000
  • toll Turbine PIC: N/A
  • airplanemode_activeMulti Engine: 1000
  • queue_music Actual Instrument: N/A
Job Description

The First Officer is responsible for assisting the Pilot in Command with the safe, consistent outcome of a flight. The First Officer has an integral role in ensuring a positive company experience for our Customers and fellow Crewmembers by displaying a commitment to our five core values In addition, the First Officer maintains compliance with applicable Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) and the company policies procedures and risk controls.
Essential Responsibilities:
Assist the Captain in ensuring the safe outcome of each flight in accordance with all Federal Aviation Regulations and Company policies procedures and risk controls
Safely operate the aircraft in accordance with all Federal Aviation Regulations and Company policies and procedures
Provide an excellent experience for all Customers and uphold the company values of Safety, Caring, Integrity, Passion and Fun
Work with fellow company Crewmembers and/or Business Partners to ensure a team approach to proactively solve Customer and/or operational challenges
Maintain skills, training and qualifications in accordance with all Federal Aviation Regulations and Company policies and procedures
Identify and recall the company Safety Management System (SMS), Safety Policy, Security Policy and behavioural standards
Identify safety and security concerns, issues, incidents or hazards that should be reported and report them whenever possible and by any means necessary including company confidential reporting systems (Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP) and Safety Action Report (SAR)
Other duties as assigned ... Continue Reading

Minimum Requirements

High School Diploma or General Education Development (GED) Diploma
Valid Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate with airplane category and multiengine class ratings (Unrestricted)
1500 hours TT, with minimum of 500 hours in fixed wing airplanes
Current FAA First Class Medical Certificate
Valid FCC Radiotelephone Operator's Permit
Currently in possession of a U.S. passport or foreign passport with applicable visas to freely enter and exit, without restrictions, to all company destinations. All passport holders should have a minimum of 6 months validity remaining at the time of application.
Travel documents must remain valid throughout all phases of training and employment
Three reference letters from Pilots who can personally attest to the candidate's flying skills
Knowledge of Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat Reader and the ability to use browsers effectively including iOS
Excellent communication skills
Complete and continuous fluency in written and spoken English
Ability to think creatively
Excellent interpersonal skills
Problem solving skills
Able to report within 2 hours of notice to assigned base location
Must be able to adhere to the company Flight Crewmember Uniform Appearance Standards
Knowledge of basic computer and electronic tablet devices
Able to read and comprehend guidance as found in required manuals
Able to work as a team to deliver the company Experience
Able to work varying schedules including reserve duty, weekends, evenings, holidays, and last minute drafting
Must be able to adhere to the company First Officer Crewmember Uniform Appearance Standards
Must meet and maintain a personal driving record that complies with the company Insurance Standards
Pass a ten (10) year background check, pre-employment drug test
Legally eligible to work in the country in which the position is located
Preferred Experience and Qualifications:
Bachelor's Degree
Letters of recommendation from current company Pilots who can personally attest to the candidates flying skills
3500 hours or more in total flight time in aircraft (including turbine helicopter, but excluding simulator and Flight Engineer)
Greater than 1,000 hours turbine PIC (Fixed wing)
Greater than 1,000 hours in aircraft utilizing Electronic Flight Instrument Systems (EFIS) and/or Flight Management Systems (FMS)
Recent flying experience (Greater than 200 hours within the last 12 months) ... Continue Reading

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