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starsChief Pilot

System Chief Pilot
  • room Location: Hollywood, Florida, United States
  • group Position: Chief Pilot
  • play_for_work Job Type: Charter
Flight Time Requirements Snapshot
  • access_time Total Flight Time: N/A
  • person Pilot In Command: N/A
  • toll Turbine PIC: N/A
  • airplanemode_activeMulti Engine: N/A
  • queue_music Actual Instrument: N/A
Job Description

Hold an airline transport pilot certificate with appropriate ratings for at least one aircraft type operated.
Have at least three (3) years of experience in the last six (6) years as a pilot in command of a large aircraft operated under FAR 121 or 135, if this is your first time in a Chief Pilot role.
If you have previous experience as a Chief Pilot, you must have at least three (3) years of experience as a pilot in command of a large aircraft operated under FAR 121 or 135. ... Continue Reading

Minimum Requirements

Collaborate with the Technical Publications Department to ensure all crewmembers and aircraft have the necessary documentation.
Maintain qualification in at least one aircraft type in the fleet.Participate in the interviewing, hiring, and discipline of crewmembers.
Stay proficient as a line pilot and line check airman.
Coordinate with maintenance to ensure the Specific Aircraft MEL is issued and current.
Ensure all company pilots assigned to specific aircraft meet standards as outlined in applicable FARs and Company policies, and receive the necessary training and checkrides as required by FARs, the FAA, and the Company.
Be available as an “on call” management pilot for ferry flight authorizations and operational questions during assigned periods.
Communicate all standards and requirements to each crewmember.
Coordinate with the Director of Operations in developing Standard Operating Procedures specific to aircraft type.
Assume the duties of the Director of Operations in their absence if assigned.
Monitor Mechanical Reliability Reports for trends in coordination with the VP, Technical Operations / DOM. [FAR119.65(a)], [FAR121.107], [FAR121.135(a)(1)(b)(2)]
Participate as a team member to organize and start new domicile operations.
Exercise Operational Control as delegated by the Director of Operations.
Act as a liaison between and the FAA Principal Operations Inspector.
Foster positive communication between crewmembers and the office of the Chief Pilot.
Monitor and enforce company attendance policies.
Act as a liaison between and the pilot’s union, conduct investigations, and respond to union grievances.
Maintain the pilot seniority list.
Make operational decisions affecting safety and security.
Ensure operations comply with applicable regulations, company policies, and procedures.
Manage policies, rules, procedures, and instructions governing flight crew. ... Continue Reading

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