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Age: 80 Years

Bristol, Tennessee 37620

Aircraft Type
Total Flight Time: 24000 Hours
Total PIC Time: 22000 Hours
Total SIC Time: 500 Hours
Total Single Engine Time: 400 Hours
Total Multi Engine Time: 21600 Hours
Total Turbine Time: 19000 Hours
Total Turbine PIC Time: 18500 Hours
Total Turbine SIC Time: 500 Hours
Bombardier Global Express
Total Time: 4700
Total PIC Time: 4700
Type Rated: Yes
Date of Last Flight: October 18, 2019
CHALLENGER 600 / 601
Total Time: 4000
Total PIC Time: 4000
Type Rated: Yes
Date of Last Flight: April 16, 2009
Other Flight Experience
Total Simulated Instrument Time: 200 Hours
Total Actual Instrument Time: 4000 Hours
Total Cross Country Time: 21500 Hours
Total Dual Given Time: 900 Hours
Total Dual Received Time: 100 Hours
Total Tailwheel Time: 450 Hours
Total Single Engine Tailwheel Time: 450 Hours
Total Night Cross Country Time: 6000 Hours
Job Title: Captain
Aircraft Flown: BD-700
Job Description: Contract pilot for Landmark Aviation, Clay Lacy Aviation (BD-700), JET Aviation,
Job Title: Chief Pilot
Aircraft Flown: BD-700
Job Description: Chief pilot on managed account
(BD700) Domestic and international planning and flying.
Job Title: Manager of Flight Operations/Chief Pilot
Aircraft Flown: Cl-60 BD-700
Job Description: Managed all flight operations, purchasing of aircraft, hiring personnel, budgets, planning and flying domestic and international flights.
Degree Type: High School
Completed: Yes