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Age: 59 Years

GIJON, Spain

Aircraft Type
Total Flight Time: 6500 Hours
Total PIC Time: 5600 Hours
Total SIC Time: 900 Hours
Citation 510 Mustang
Total Time: 3500
Total PIC Time: 2900
Type Rated: Yes
Date of Last Flight: December 25, 2022
Citation 525A CJ1/CJ2
Total Time: 1525
Total PIC Time: 1525
Type Rated: Yes
Date of Last Flight: October 14, 2022
Other Flight Experience
Job Title: Captain ,Line training Capt LTC,both seats.
Aircraft Flown: c510
Job Description: Flying with FO low or none experience.Releasing new Capt from RH. Two c510 Mustangs.comercial and mainly transplants.
Job Title: Captain c525 both seats.LTC.Managing comercial sells,and the aircraft for an owner,and for an AOC
Aircraft Flown: c525
Job Description: Duties of Captain,organizing the Company,selling flights ,coordinating all with the AOC and many task of daily operation.Dealing with VIP clients and Goberment for medvac flights.