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Age: 58 Years

Decatur, Illinois 62526

Aircraft Type
Total Flight Time: 9718 Hours
Total PIC Time: 7074 Hours
Total SIC Time: 2486 Hours
Total Single Engine Time: 2888 Hours
Total Multi Engine Time: 6826 Hours
Total Turbine Time: 5558 Hours
Total Turbine PIC Time: 3067 Hours
Total Turbine SIC Time: 2486 Hours
Embraer E-170/190
Total Time: 4022
Total PIC Time: 1820
Type Rated: Yes
Date of Last Flight: October 18, 2018
Other Flight Experience
Total Simulated Instrument Time: 75 Hours
Total Actual Instrument Time: 708 Hours
Total Takeoffs and Landings: 8010
Total Cross Country Time: 9450 Hours
Total Dual Given Time: 702 Hours
Total Dual Received Time: 252 Hours
Total Tailwheel Time: 177 Hours
Total Multiengine Tailwheel Time: 177 Hours
Total Night Cross Country Time: 1701 Hours
Job Title: Captain
Aircraft Flown: Lineage 1000
Job Description: Lineage 1000 Captain in VIP operations
Major: Aircraft Piloting Technology
Degree Type: Associate Degree
Completed: Yes
Major: Business Management
Degree Type: Bachelor Degree
Completed: Yes