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Age: 32 Years

Beaverton, Oregon 97005

Aircraft Type
Total Flight Time: 404 Hours
Total Multi Engine Time: 20 Hours
Other Flight Experience
Job Title: Flight Instructor CFII
Aircraft Flown: Cessna 150, Cessna 172, Piper Apache PA-23, Piper Warrior PA-28-151, RV-12
Job Description: -Provide flight instruction in a Part 61 environment leading to: Private, Instrument, Commercial, and Instrument Instructor certificates.
-Develop and grow all aspects of aviators focusing on CRM and IMSAFE fundamentals to ensure a fun safe environment to learn how to fly.
Job Title: UX / UI Design Intern
Aircraft Flown: None
Job Description: -Design and implement user experience journey maps, breaking down the end user needs and goals.
-Worked to improved past and present user-centered interactions and provided interactive prototypes.
-Design icons and info-graphics that intuitively lead the user through the correct work flow of the application.
-Mocked up different end user scenarios through Sketch and built prototype applications in Invision.
-Used Jira and Confluence to receive feedback and design changes.
Job Title: R & D Intern
Aircraft Flown: None
Job Description: -Focused on the improvement of upper and lower back orthotics by defining user and market needs.
-Collaborated in a team environment developing intuitive design solutions to support the upper and lower back rehabilitation.
-Refined concepts into functioning prototypes using methods of sewing, machining, and 3D printing.
-Worked with R&D in addition to the product design team to develop and refine back and neck orthotics through different processes of ideation, material selection, prototyping, and product research.
-Explored IOT and wearable solutions for upper and lower spine correction that then integrated into an application on a phone to help inform doctors and patients during the recovery process.
-Collaborated with engineering to validate 3D designs, test materials and CMF to create comfortable products that comply with the high standards of the medical industry.
Job Title: Technical Expert
Aircraft Flown: None
Job Description: -Manage and lead team oriented product repairs and work orders while maintaining evolving workflow guidelines using SAP enterprise resource planning and eCRM systems.
-Mentor new team members, technicians, and geniuses as new repair strategies, guidelines, and troubleshooting service operating procedures (SOP) are communicated from engineering.
Job Title: Grocery Clerk
Aircraft Flown: None
Job Description: -Maintained store and company standards
-Provided high-level customer service with product knowledge, quality, and efficient
Job Title: Marketing and Design
Aircraft Flown: None
Job Description: -Developed a creative web interface and color palate for aftermarket off-roading company
-Cataloged multiple product lines and components to be displayed for sale on line.
-Rebrand the company’s logo for different marketing purposes.
Job Title: Technology Producer
Aircraft Flown: None
Job Description: -Responsible for programing advertisements for both the American Music Awards and the Samsung corporation on 22 Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phones used for Award Presentations and Commercials.
-Successfully managed the 22 Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phones used for displaying the ballots and revealing the winning performer on nationally televised broadcast of the AMA’s.
-Worked on both the 2012 and 2013 American Music Awards
Job Title: Fabricator
Aircraft Flown: None
Job Description: -Fabricated state of the art tubed and boxed after-market suspensions
-R & D new suspension components, as well as, new and improved manufacturing techniques
-Generate accurate CAD models to create organized and accurate drawings for manufacturing.
Maintained an accurate bill of materials for manufacturing and inventory purposes reducing unnecessary material waste.
Job Title: Engineering and Machining Internship
Aircraft Flown: None
Job Description: -Developed and built tooling to maintain multiple levels of the military arsenal. This includes research and development, design, improvement, problem solving, testing, company procedures, internal correspondence, and documentation.
-Generate CAD product drawing (two-dimensional drafting and three-dimensional solid designs).
Investigate and introduce tooling and product improvements.
-Support strategic project and product planning efforts.
Major: Industrial Design
Degree Type: Bachelor Degree
Completed: Yes
Major: Math and Science
Degree Type: Associate Degree
Completed: Yes