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Age: 39 Years

Haifa, Israel

Aircraft Type
Total Flight Time: 3000 Hours
Total PIC Time: 1850 Hours
Total SIC Time: 950 Hours
Total Single Engine Time: 1985 Hours
Total Multi Engine Time: 1063 Hours
Total Turbine Time: 1613 Hours
Total Turbine PIC Time: 583 Hours
Total Turbine SIC Time: 1030 Hours
Boeing B737/BBJ
Total Time: 950
Total PIC Time: 0
Type Rated: Yes
Date of Last Flight: December 15, 2021
Pilatus PC-12
Total Time: 580
Total PIC Time: 560
Type Rated: Yes
Date of Last Flight: December 14, 2019
Other Flight Experience
Total Simulated Instrument Time: 698 Hours
Total Actual Instrument Time: 1790 Hours
Total Takeoffs and Landings: 2954
Total Cross Country Time: 2521 Hours
Total Dual Given Time: 620 Hours
Total Dual Received Time: 251 Hours
Total Night Cross Country Time: 550 Hours
Job Title: Pilatus PC24 captain
Aircraft Flown: Pilatus PC24
Job Description: Corporate flights, multi crew.
Job Title: B737 First Officer
Aircraft Flown: B737NG
Job Description: Commercial flights carrying passengers
Job Title: Pilatus PC12 Captain
Aircraft Flown: PC12NG(47E)
Job Description: Private aircraft. Multi crew. Flying according to the plans of the owner.
Major: Aeronautics
Degree Type: Bachelor Degree
Completed: Yes
Major: Commerce
Degree Type: Master Degree
Completed: Yes