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Aircraft Type
Total Flight Time: 17600 Hours
Total PIC Time: 13100 Hours
Total SIC Time: 4500 Hours
Total Single Engine Time: 2000 Hours
Total Turbine Time: 11000 Hours
Challenger 605
Total Time: 400
Total PIC Time: 250
Type Rated: Yes
Date of Last Flight: June 6, 2017
Challenger 604
Total Time: 3500
Total PIC Time: 1850
Type Rated: Yes
Date of Last Flight: May 12, 2017
Other Flight Experience
Job Title: Pilot
Aircraft Flown: CL604, CL605
Job Description: Pilot services on Challenger 604/605/650
Job Title: Dir of Aviation
Aircraft Flown: CL601/604
Job Description: Managed the flight dept for a Fortune 500 company