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Aircraft Type
Total Flight Time: 4622 Hours
Total PIC Time: 1769 Hours
Total SIC Time: 2493 Hours
Total Single Engine Time: 403 Hours
Total Multi Engine Time: 4217 Hours
Total Turbine Time: 4170 Hours
Total Turbine PIC Time: 1436 Hours
Total Turbine SIC Time: 2493 Hours
Falcon 7x
Total Time: 1417
Total PIC Time: 461
Type Rated: Yes
Date of Last Flight: November 25, 2018
King Air 300/350
Total Time: 291
Total PIC Time: 240
Type Rated: Yes
Date of Last Flight: April 30, 2013
King Air 90/A100/200
Total Time: 481
Total PIC Time: 318
Type Rated: No
Date of Last Flight: April 25, 2013
Boeing B777
Total Time: 0
Total PIC Time: 0
Type Rated: Yes
Date of Last Flight: March 22, 2013
Boeing 707
Total Time: 1730
Total PIC Time: 407
Type Rated: Yes
Date of Last Flight: September 13, 2011
Other Flight Experience
Total Actual Instrument Time: 335 Hours
Total Cross Country Time: 3239 Hours
Total Dual Received Time: 342 Hours
Job Title: Falcon 7X Captain
Aircraft Flown: Falcon 7X
Job Description: Served as Captain for a very demanding Part 91 Client. Operations were global, very frequent, and extremely dynamic. Furthermore, being based in Chengdu provided me with a unique experience by which I was fully able to immerse into the Chinese language and culture. Overall, this assignment proved to be very challenging and humbling, yet extremely rewarding and memorable.
Job Title: MC-12 Captain
Aircraft Flown: King Air 350/200
Job Description: Provided Tactical Information, Surveillance and Reconnaissance in direct support of U.S. Special Operations Command in Afghanistan. While not deployed, provided support to Marine Special Operations Command training exercises.
Job Title: United States Air Force: Captain E-3B AWACS (Global Operations)
Aircraft Flown: Boeing 707-320B (E-3B AWACS)
Job Description: Aircraft Commander charged with conducting Strategic and Tactical Command & Control, Information, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C2ISR) Missions in support of the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT), Counterdrug Operations (CDO), and other interests of National Security to the United States.
Major: Aeronautical Engineering
Degree Type: Bachelor Degree
Completed: Yes