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Age: 52 Years

marino, Italy

Aircraft Type
Total Flight Time: 6400 Hours
Total PIC Time: 4914 Hours
Total SIC Time: 1412 Hours
Total Single Engine Time: 300 Hours
Total Multi Engine Time: 4774 Hours
Total Turbine Time: 322 Hours
Total Turbine SIC Time: 322 Hours
Falcon 900
Total Time: 5004
Total PIC Time: 4774
Type Rated: Yes
Date of Last Flight: July 12, 2018
ATR 42/72
Total Time: 322
Total PIC Time: 0
Type Rated: No
Date of Last Flight: November 16, 2016
Other Flight Experience
Total Simulated Instrument Time: 320 Hours
Total Actual Instrument Time: 5746 Hours
Total Takeoffs and Landings: 6156
Total Cross Country Time: 3486 Hours
Total Night Cross Country Time: 1030 Hours
Job Title: Captain
Aircraft Flown: Falcon 900 ex
Job Description: Captain on falcon 900 ex for Vip trasnsportation
Job Title: Captain
Aircraft Flown: Falcon 900 and Falcon 900exEasy
Job Description: Vip transportation and owner\'s referent for menagement
Job Title: capilot
Aircraft Flown: ATR 42/72/72-500
Job Description: Copilot on ATR 42/72/72-500
commercial airline
Job Title: Copilot and Captian on falcon 50/900
Aircraft Flown: Falcon 50/900 falcon 900ex
Job Description: Vip transportantion, Ministers transportation and president of Italian Replublic transportation.
Hospital flight
Major: Italian Airforce Academy
Degree Type: Academy for military pilot
Completed: Yes
Major: commerce
Degree Type: High School
Completed: Yes