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Age: 63 Years

Silver Lake, Wisconsin 53170-1681

Aircraft Type
Total Flight Time: 17000 Hours
Total PIC Time: 12500 Hours
Total SIC Time: 4000 Hours
Total Single Engine Time: 6500 Hours
Total Multi Engine Time: 10500 Hours
Total Turbine Time: 10000 Hours
Total Turbine PIC Time: 7000 Hours
Total Turbine SIC Time: 4000 Hours
Other Flight Experience
Total Simulated Instrument Time: 500 Hours
Total Actual Instrument Time: 1100 Hours
Job Title: Captain
Aircraft Flown: Hawker 900XP
Job Description: Captain flying a Hawker 900XP, Lear 45XR and a Hawker 400XP in Part 91/135 ops
Job Title: Captain - Contract Pilot
Aircraft Flown: Hawker 800XP, 850XP and 900XP
Job Description: Contract Pilot services on Hawker 800XP, 850XP and 900XP
Job Title: Senior Line Captain
Aircraft Flown: Hawker 800XP and Hawker 400XP
Job Description: Captain on domestic and international flights
Additional responsibilities –
Oversight of international flight operations
Training department personnel in international flight operations
Enrolling company in Visa Waiver Program
Establishing aircraft operating biases, performance, weight and balance and data link services with ARINC Direct
Job Title: Senior International Demonstration Captain
Aircraft Flown: Hawker 800, 800XP, Beechjet 400A and Premier 1
Job Description: Plan and fly executive and pilot sales demonstration flights both domestic and international for Raytheon Airctaft Company. Also assisted with production flight test and company transportation.
Job Title: Captain
Aircraft Flown: Citation Jet 525S
Job Description: Plan and fly corporate flights.
Job Title: Captain
Aircraft Flown: Beechjet 400A
Job Description: PIC and SIC on corporate flights.
Job Title: Trooper Pilot
Aircraft Flown: C-172, C-182 and Piper Saratoga
Job Description: Fly traffic enforcement, surveillance and personnel transportation for the Iowa State Patrol. Instructor Pilot responsible for initial training of Troopers transitioning to Trooper Pilot. Continuing training of Trooper Pilots through instrument ratings and currency training and standards evaluations. When unable to fly performed the duties of a road Trooper.
Major: Criminal Justice
Degree Type: Bachelor Degree
Completed: No