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Age: 42 Years

Scottsdale, Arizona 85260

Aircraft Type
Total Flight Time: 2800 Hours
Total PIC Time: 2700 Hours
Total Multi Engine Time: 200 Hours
Total Turbine Time: 8 Hours
Other Flight Experience
Total Simulated Instrument Time: 100 Hours
Total Cross Country Time: 250 Hours
Total Dual Given Time: 2500 Hours
Total Tailwheel Time: 3 Hours
Job Title: Flight Director
Aircraft Flown: Cessna
Job Description: Director and aviation instructor for a non-profit youth education program focused on introducing aviation in high school. Students participated through available ground school classes for academic credit, club, and flight training options (from intro flights to full FAA Private Pilot certification).
Job Title: Aviation Dept. Chair & Airport Manager
Aircraft Flown: Cessna and Piper
Job Description: Administrator for university academic programs of Aviation Flight and Aviation Maintenance. Managed university airport and all its operations, including maintenance, ops, and improvement. Oversight included FBO/Repair Station, Fuel Farm, Flight School, FAA/CATS Testing Center, and A&P School. Served as faculty and taught university aviation courses for flight program. Also served in public relations for the airport and recruitment for academic programs.
Job Title: Flight & Maintenance Faculty (Instructor & Assistant Professor)
Aircraft Flown: Cessna and Piper
Job Description: Provided primary and advanced flight instruction in airplanes as well as in simulated flight training devices. Taught university aviation-related courses; mostly flight-related, but also some General A&P courses for Part 147 maintenance school. Served in public relations for the airport and recruiting for maintenance and flight departments. Mentored students and academic advising. Contributed to departmental assessment, curriculum, and program development. Served on various University committees.
Job Title: Certified Flight Instructor (CFI/CFII/MEI)
Aircraft Flown: Cessna, Piper, and Diamond
Job Description: Provided flight instruction for a variety of primary and advanced students in Cessna, Piper, and Diamond aircraft. Aircraft flown had traditional steam gauges as well as glass (Garmin & Avidyne). Also provided advanced aviation training device (AATD) instruction in single and multi-crew cockpit Alsim simulators ( Assistant Chief Flight Instructor for Part 141 flight school from 2005-2009; provided support to Chief Flight Instructor in all flight school business.
Job Title: Aircraft Maintenance Technician (A&P)
Aircraft Flown: Cessna, Piper, and Diamond
Job Description: Worked multiple aviation maintenance line functions, on aircraft including the Embraer 145 jet and British Aerospace ATP turboprop. Conducted daily and service inspections, and regularly performed cockpit and cabin maintenance checks and service. Assisted in aircraft return to service taxi/run-up checks.
Major: Aviation (Flight/Maintenance)
Degree Type: Bachelor Degree
Completed: Yes