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starsSimulator Instructor

Simulator Instructor
  • room Location: Fort Worth, Texas, United States
  • group Position: Simulator Instructor
  • play_for_work Job Type: Flight Instructor
Flight Time Requirements Snapshot
  • access_time Total Flight Time: 500
  • person Pilot In Command: 500
  • toll Turbine PIC: N/A
  • airplanemode_activeMulti Engine: N/A
  • queue_music Actual Instrument: N/A
Job Description

Flight Simulator Pilot Instructor.
Conduct simulator phase of pilot flight instruction in compliance with AA Regulations, policies, procedures and techniques.
Ensures compliance with FAA and other applicable government requirements relating to training.
Gives detailed briefings on all phases of flight simulator training.
Obtains required training manuals, course materials and supplies as necessary to conduct assigned training syllabus.
Completes required training records and reports. Determines and reports on student progress and proficiency.
Provides specialized instructions and counseling of weak students. Makes suggestions through channels to enhance safety and efficiency. Assists in program development for all phases of flight instruction as directed by the appropriate fleet manager. Assists in training of other instructors as assigned.
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Minimum Requirements

A candidate for selection as a Flight Simulator Pilot Instructor must possess an FAA Airline Transport Pilot Certificate and have a minimum of one year as a pilot in command or second in command of a large, turbojet fixed-wing aircraft; or possess an ATPC and have a minimum of 500 hours as pilot in command of a fixed wing single or multi-engine military aircraft. Additionally, if a candidate has accumulated one year of employment as a Company Instructor and possesses an ATPC, they may also be selected for SIMP training. Each candidate must also satisfy the following requirements:
Ability to read, write, fluently speak and understand the English language.
Must be evaluated and accepted by an instructor selection board made up of the company management pilots or their designees.
Prior to being considered a qualified instructor, the candidate must teach a qualification or continuing qualification simulator session observed by the Fleet Training Manager or his designee.
After completion of instructor training, the candidate must demonstrate, to the satisfaction of the Fleet Training Manager or a designated representative, a competent ability to perform all curriculum segments and associated duties of the training program currently assigned.
Must fulfill FAA criminal background checks to qualify for unescorted access privileges to airport security identification display areas (SIDA), if applicable.
Must be able to secure appropriate airport authority and/or US Customs security badges, if applicable.
Must be able to perform and pass a DOT covered safety-sensitive drug test. ... Continue Reading

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