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starsCaptain Eurocopter 130/135

Lead Captain
  • room Location: Cheyenne, Wyoming , United States
  • group Position: Captain
  • play_for_work Job Type: Charter
Primary Aircraft
  • airplanemode_active Eurocopter 130/135
Flight Time Requirements Snapshot
  • access_time Total Flight Time: 2000
  • person Pilot In Command: 1000
  • toll Turbine PIC: 1000
  • airplanemode_activeMulti Engine: N/A
  • queue_music Actual Instrument: 200
Job Description

The Company Base Lead Pilot is responsible for the management of the base pilots and any other duties as assigned by the Chief Pilot and/or Director of Operations. The Lead Pilot is expected to act as a proactive and integral team player, both in flight, and during ground operations, utilizing communication and technical skills which will strengthen the company goal of being held in highest regard within the company industry.
Pilot Responsibilities
Maintains a schedule as set forth by the company. Extensive travel and schedule adjustment is required. The pilot should be prepared to occasionally serve extra duty shifts when called upon, due to the absence of other pilots for vacation, sick leave, etc.
Ensures aircraft readiness for flight dispatches, these items to include, as described in the appropriate manuals, but not limited to:
All FAR requirements
Aircraft cleanliness duties
All the company requirements
All flight crew requirement
Accurately completes, in entirety, all required paperwork duties, i.e., duty shift change form, load manifests, duty/time sheets, all within scheduled due dates.
Continues in educational betterment, e.g., computer training, ground training and flight training.
Ensures that any and all pertinent information about flight operations will be disseminated to his/her shift change pilot and/or disseminated through the Company Communications Board per policy.
Conducts himself/herself in a professional manner at all times.
Attends meetings when required, and is available for training and check-flights outside of normal duty shift rotation.
Upholds current company policies and procedures.
Performs other duties during scheduled shift as requested by Director of Operations or Chief Pilot.
Maintains safety as the primary concern.
Lead Pilot Management Responsibilities (in addition to the standard pilot responsibilities above, the base Lead Pilot)
Ensures base pilot compliance with FARs, Company SOP and Operations Manual.
Functions as a liaison for base airport and FBO related issues.
Responsible for flight and duty time collection and audit for pilot records. Collects by the 7th of each month and audits for errors, ensures pilots’ signature. Sends to Admin Office by the 10th of each month.
Audits process of flight and duty time information and AirChart entries for each pilot’s calendar items.
Payroll approval for base pilot timecards.
Ensures completion of AVSTAR duties.
Annual performance reviews for base pilots.
Attends monthly base meetings.
Monthly meetings – lead pilot/flight instructor, as assigned.
Produces monthly flight time reports.
Visa statement report for aircraft credit card purchase.
Manages pilot schedule for base of operation to include PTO and trade days.
Primarily responsible for base pilot staffing, developing and maintaining pilot schedules to include current policy on work rotations, vacation requests, swaps, and sick time coverage while monitoring pilot duty time, morale and health.
Works with the Base General Manager on relevant base related issues. Works with the Base Operations Manager in developing the base budget and other base logistical needs.
Primarily responsible for the continued review process for each pilot assigned. Organizes and conducts each pilot’s review under HR guidelines, under the supervision of the Chief Pilot.
Participates and conducts monthly continuing education and training requirements for the assigned base pilots to ensure preparation for, and consistency in the pilot check rides.
Contributes and makes recommendations to the base pilot or mechanic hiring processes and make recommendations concerning hiring of flight department personnel.
Participates in base pilot personnel actions as the first line supervisor.
Assists the Base General Manager in ongoing operations or safety training for medical crews or pilots.
Attends quarterly company management meetings, base/process review meetings and periodic lead pilot meetings when required.Other:
Ensures all line pilots comply with duties and responsibilities per their job description.
Serves as a member of the management team, and contributes as a team member in accomplishing the mission and vision of the company.
Represents the company at public and professional events.
Reports to and reviewed by the Assistant Chief Pilot, Chief Pilot with input from the Director of Operations.
Coordinates base aircraft maintenance requirements with the Director of Maintenance and Director of Operations and provides input to the Director of Maintenance concerning base mechanic performance.
Serves as Aviation Administrator on Call as required. ... Continue Reading

Minimum Requirements

Prior management experience preferred
Bachelor's Degree, or equivalent combination of education and experience preferred
2000 hours total time (helicopter)
1000 hours PIC (helicopter)
1000 hours turbine
200 hours of cumulative night experience
100 hours of cumulative IFR experience, preferred
FAA Commercial Rotorcraft Certification
Helicopter Instrument Rating
Current FAA Class II Medical Certificate
(Preferred but not required)
3000 hours total time (helicopter)
1500 hours PIC (helicopter)
1500 hours Turbine
500 hours of cumulative night experience
200 hours instrument time
Single Pilot IFR experience
NVG Experience
EC-135 experience
FAR 135 Experience
Previous HEMS experience
ATP (H) Rating
Flight Currency within past 12 months
Strong communication skills, both written and verbal are essential.
Excellent customer service skills.
Ability to communicate professionally, effectively and persuasively.
Ability to maintain composure under pressure, work efficiently and accurately with frequent interruptions, and set/re-set multiple priorities.
Presents a professional image as the company flight team member.
Maintain a positive team attitude with flight crew members, maintenance technician and communications specialist by working cohesively.
Work independently and tolerates high stress levels while maintaining a good rapport with co-workers.
Maintain ongoing knowledge of relevant aviation SOP’s and regulations.
Excellent proficiency with Microsoft suite of software.
Physical Requirements
Requires activities requiring a moderate amount of standing, sitting and walking.
Able to conduct activities requiring a moderate to rigorous amount of static pushing, pulling, reaching and lifting.
Capable of lifting 75 lbs floor to bench height.
Ability to hear routine aircraft noises.
Maintains a “duty” weight (body weight + uniform/equipment) of less than 230 lbs.
Requires close and distant visual capability (Class 2 Aviation Medical).
Periodic hands to key ability (typing). ... Continue Reading

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