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starsCaptain King Air 90/A100/200

King Air 200 Captain
  • room Location: Englewood, Colorado, United States
  • group Position: Captain
  • play_for_work Job Type: Charter
Primary Aircraft
  • airplanemode_active King Air 90/A100/200
  • attach_money Minimum Pay: $86,112.00 (Yearly)
  • attach_money Maximum Pay: $86,112.00 (Yearly)
Flight Time Requirements Snapshot
  • access_time Total Flight Time: 2000
  • person Pilot In Command: 1000
  • toll Turbine PIC: N/A
  • airplanemode_activeMulti Engine: 500
  • queue_music Actual Instrument: 150
Job Description

The Captain, as PIC, is the final authority for the safe operation of the aircraft
Ensure knowledge of and compliance with the FAA regulations, Company Flight Operations Manual, Operations Specifications, LOA’s, Flight Manuals, etc. and other instructions pertinent to the position
Familiarity with all available information required for safe operation of each flight to which assigned
Conduct proper pre-flight planning prior to each flight including, but not limited to weather analysis, airport suitability, routing, aircraft loading and performance calculations, aircraft airworthiness determination, etc.
Utilize CRM skills to maintain a high degree of crew coordination, performing duties in a professional, efficient, and cordial manner
Mentor First Officers and direct their activities when assigned as SIC ensuring that flight crewmembers fully and completely understand which individual duties they are expected to perform
Promote and foster a safe operating environment, proactively contributing to Safety Management System
Ensure compliance with all security procedures and directives
Maintain a current First-Class medical certificate
Maintain all FAA and Company currency requirements
Present a professional image in all environments and ensure assigned crewmembers present themselves likewise
Ensure all crewmembers provide the highest level of customer service
Assist team members as necessary to meet client expectations
May be given administrative projects on occasion ... Continue Reading

Minimum Requirements

ATP certificate with multi-engine land rating
First-Class medical certificate
FCC Restricted Radiotelephone Operator’s Permit
Minimum flight experience required:
2000-3500 hours total fixed-wing flight time
1000 hours PIC fixed-wing flight time (PIC for this purpose is defined as Captain/Aircraft Commander of record, not simply the sole manipulator of the controls)
500 hours multi-engine fixed-wing flight time
150 hours instrument flight time
100 hours PIC night flight time
Turbine experience required
Single-pilot experience preferred
Mountain experience preferred
Must hold valid passport
Read, write, and speak the English language fluently
Ability to relocate within 1 hour of Centennial Airport, Denver, CO (KAPA) ... Continue Reading

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