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Helicopter Charter Captain
  • room Location: West Mifflin, Pennsylvania, United States
  • group Position: Captain
  • play_for_work Job Type: Charter
  • attach_money Minimum Pay: $32.05 (Hourly)
  • attach_money Maximum Pay: $47.88 (Hourly)
Flight Time Requirements Snapshot
  • access_time Total Flight Time: 2000
  • person Pilot In Command: 1000
  • toll Turbine PIC: 500
  • airplanemode_activeMulti Engine: N/A
  • queue_music Actual Instrument: 100
Job Description

Ensures assigned aircraft is in an airworthy condition: properly and accurately documents all maintenance events in the maintenance log in a timely manner, e.g., MEL deferrals, VOR checks, flight time recording, etc.; performs thorough preflight/postflight inspections as required; maximizes operational readiness by ensuring sufficient fuel/O2, etc., to accept flight assignment with minimal delay ensures aircraft exterior and cockpit interior are clean; ensures aircraft covers/tiedowns are utilized appropriately and that aircraft is hangared as necessary.
Coordinates with flight followers with regard to currency, duty time, aircraft, and weather status: confirms NOTAMS, updates weather status as necessary, ensures all regulatory requirements for duty day and crew rest are met; debriefs with flight followers as necessary.
Conducts shift change briefs with assigned medical crewmembers to include assignment of inflight duties in normal and emergency situations, weather status, pre-assigned duties and abort policy; and ensuring currency of aircrew training/CTS, IIMC, NVG, emergency, and any other FAA required training; encourages and participates constructively in crew post flight debriefings.
Conducts all flights in a manner that safe completion is never in doubt: ensures timely transmission of required flight manifest information to flight followers obtains appropriate flight releases; adheres to all policies and procedures with regard to conduct of flight i.e., GOM, Op Specs, checklist utilization, etc.; operates without violation by regulatory authorities or exercises PIC emergency authority to deviate as required.
Demonstrates and maintains competency, proficiency and knowledge required to perform as PIC in assigned aircraft including operation of all installed radios and navigation equipment: successfully completes all checkrides to satisfactory standards without retraining to standard; successfully completes all recurrent CTS in a timely manner; performs a minimum of three practice instrument approaches per month (weather permitting) in addition to IIMC and other training department approaches.
Responds promptly and efficiently to all requests for service, with highest consideration given to safety of flight.
Support continuity of service through flexibility in scheduling and base assignment, and assists with coverage both at assigned base and system wide.
Reports for duty in sufficient time to perform all duties required to accept a flight and receive a release number no later than the beginning of the scheduled shift.
Function as a professional development resource/mentor for newly hired pilots; assist as necessary in the IOE process.
Adheres to uniform policy and personal appearance standards by utilizing the approved flight suit, jacket, vest, hat, boots, gloves and T-shirts.
Actively participates in development of the safety culture; ensures the safety of all patients and personnel functioning in and around the aircraft.
Utilizes appropriate safety channels to report safety concerns, and utilizes available tools to enhance a safe work environment.
Completes all postflight recordkeeping/paperwork accurately and in a timely fashion, including filing hazard or incident reports, ASAP reports, etc., as necessary and ensures familiarity with appropriate software/hardware for accomplishing required tasks.
Protect the privacy of all patient information in accordance with the STAT MedEvac privacy policies, procedures, and practices, as required by federal and state laws.
Possesses thorough knowledge of the STAT MedEvac policies and procedures and shall assist in meeting operational goals and objectives.
Maintains current flight kits, documentation, and training records in accordance with company policy and regulatory requirements: ensures all navigation publications onboard assigned aircraft are current and appropriate; ensures pilot qualifications are current and appropriately documented in base located pilot training record.
Performs all assigned duties, including daily, weekly, monthly, or other duties assigned by the Base Site Manager Aviation.
Completes all official documentation accurately and in a timely manner, including payroll, expense reports, training forms etc.
Provides adequate notice of requested PTO, trade days, etc. to ensure schedule coverage; maintains ultimate responsibility for coverage of assigned shifts.
Reflects a positive attitude to customers at all times in a high stress environment, with a clear understanding of who the customer is.
Demonstrates an ability to establish a rapport with customers; including the ability to create and sustain a positive relationship, regardless of circumstances or environment, including site visits, and other PR events.
Maintains fitness for duty by adhering to all employee health requirements, including maximum weight, hearing conservation program, and required medical certifications. Reports injuries and completes the appropriate documentation, no matter how seemingly minor the injury, to a supervisor in a timely manner.
Selects and uses personal protective equipment appropriate to the level of the anticipated hazard.
Reports for work well rested and fit for duty. Adheres to the drug and alcohol policy at all times, to include FAA requirements regarding the use of over the counter and prescription medications. ... Continue Reading

Minimum Requirements

2,000 total flight hours
1,500 total helicopter flight hours1,000 total PIC
helicopter flight hours
200 night flight hours (at least 100 hours unaided)
100 instrument hours
500 turbine hours ... Continue Reading

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