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starsChief Pilot

Chief Pilot
  • room Location: Toronto, Canada
  • group Position: Chief Pilot
  • play_for_work Job Type: Airline
Flight Time Requirements Snapshot
  • access_time Total Flight Time: N/A
  • person Pilot In Command: N/A
  • toll Turbine PIC: N/A
  • airplanemode_activeMulti Engine: N/A
  • queue_music Actual Instrument: N/A
Job Description

Assist the Chief Pilot in developing standard operating procedures
Assist the Chief Pilot in developing and/or implementing all required approved training programs for flight crews
Assist the Chief Pilot in the actioning and distribution of accident, incident, and other occurrence reports
Assist the Chief Pilot in processing and actioning of any flight crew reportsAbility to issue directives and notices to flight crews as required
Ability to maintain an active management flying block
Participate in pilot training and ACP program, when qualified to do so
Actively participate in future regulatory changes, and ensure is compliant with present regulations
Actively participate in Safety Management System (SMS) including:
Reporting hazards and incidents encountered in daily operations; understanding, complying and promoting the Company Safety Policy; and, other safety duties as assigned by the Operations Manager.
Assume any responsibilities delegated by the Chief Pilot or Operations Manager ... Continue Reading

Minimum Requirements

Pilot with a thorough understanding of policies and procedures
Demonstrate knowledge with respect to the content of the Flight Operations Manual, Training Control Manual, Standard Operating Procedures, and Approved Check Pilot Manual
Thorough understanding of the Canadian Aviation Regulations, Standards and other Transport Canada publications necessary to carry out the duties and responsibilities of the position
Embodies and exhibits the values in everyday work
Post-Secondary education is considered an asset ... Continue Reading

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